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Saskatraz from Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB) are highly valued for their unique traits and robust performance in varied conditions. Your order comes with approximately 3 lbs of bees and a young, naturally mated Saskatraz queen, all prepared to be introduced into their new hive. 

  • OHB is Certified free from Small Hive Beetle

Key Features

Saskatraz honey bees offer the following standout attributes that make them an asset to any hive:

  • High honey production
  • Solid wintering ability
  • Increased resistance to varroa and brood diseases
  • Demonstrated hygienic behavior
  • Gentle temperament 
  • No cage exchange is necessary

Check out this link to learn more about these amazing bees.

See our installation guide here to help get your new Saskatraz colony settled in.

The Saskatraz Breeding Process

Recurrent natural selection is at the heart of the Saskatraz breeding process. This approach ensures that each bee in your package has superior varroa tolerance.

These bees come from lines that maintain prosperity even under pressure, augmenting your hive’s economic viability. You’re not only welcoming bees into your hive but becoming a part of an evolutionary journey towards healthier bee populations.

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Our bee packages are available while supplies last. The price includes shipping. For USPS shipping, packages will require pickup at your local post office.

We’ll contact you with a shipment date and provide tracking information once the bees are shipped. Cancellations are not accepted within 14 days of the bees’ estimated ship date.

Package bee orders are prepaid and are subject to a $10 change or cancellation fee after the prepayment has been processed.

By purchasing, you’re agreeing to our Bee Policy.

Bee Insurance

There is always a risk when shipping live animals, so Mann Lake includes insurance with the purchase of every shipped package. Any package with 1 ½” or more of dead bees spread evenly on the bottom of the package is eligible for a refund or replacement. To file a claim, simply submit a photo of the shipping label and the package showing more than 1 ½” of dead bees on the bottom of the package when spread evenly across the bottom via our website Package Bee Help. We make every effort to ship replacements, if available, on the earliest ship date possible. If we are unable to accommodate a replacement, a refund will be issued within 7-10 business days of submission.


  • 3.00 LBS
  • Shipped packages will ship via USPS Priority Mail & will be held at local Post Office for pickup.
  • An unmarked queen will be included in live bee packages.

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31 Reviews
  • 3

    Saskatraz redo

    by Steve W on May 14, 2024

    Wrote a previous review which I do not see posted so will write an brief update. 2 pkgs saskatraz arrived with queens. Installed 1 week after I installed 3 buckfast pkgs from another vendor. Two weeks later buckfast had sealed brood. the saskatraz at 2 weeks had very little sealed brood and could only find one queen. At three weeks saskatraz bees had 1 swarm cell in hive and the other hive had ~6 to7 swarm cells, none fully developed. All 5 hives were exactly the same brand new bee barn hives, see youtube (vino farms bee barn) A unique new insulated hive concept I built myself based on Jims plans. emailed mann lake and they responded the next day and offered to send two new queens which I have received and installed. Thank you mann lake for standing behind your product / bees. If this review is published will send update on how the new queens worked out. thanks steve

  • 2

    2 Saskatraz packages

    by Steve on May 09, 2024

    Installed 2 Saskatraz packages 1 week after I installed 3 buckfast packages. After 2 weeks saskatraz queens in both hives limited action, week 3 both hives have swarm cells and can not find the queens. VERY odd and disappointing given the cost of $210 per package Contrast this with the buckfast bees at $140 that are doing very well. Have recently spoken to others who have had difficultly with saskatraz bees in the past..... seems like more hype than substance from my experience. All 5 hives were in identical brand new bee barns (see youtube vino farms bee barn) with each having a 1.5 gallon feeder. Weather was not dramatically different except the buckfast bees had a cold first week. Best guess is saskatraz queens were less than ideal. Consider other local options for bees. Lastly, found it odd that I could not find many reviews from folks that had saskatraz bees on mann lake website or elsewhere. Will see if man lake contacts me or chooses to publish a my (unfortunately) negative review of their expensive non productive saskatraz bee packages

  • 4

    Saskatraz Package

    by Kirk Andre Veit on May 09, 2024

    I had three email package mailing dates with tracking numbers that could not be tracked. The last email was finally true with a mail date of 5/4 and the post office called me early 5/6 for pickup of my package in excellent condition. The earlier eimails were frustrating.

  • 5


    by Jodi C on May 09, 2024

    I was worried about having my bees shipped by mail, but I received them in great shape. Ther were only a few bees dead in the bottom of the package. The queen was alive and very active. I’m very pleased.