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Give your colony an extra layer of protection with Carniolan Queen Bees Inoculated with Dalan Animal Health’s Oral Honeybee Vaccine. These Hawaiian Bred Carniolan Queen Bees are known for their resilience, adaptability, and exceptional honey production, especially tailored for regions with early honey flows. These remarkable Carniolan queens have been meticulously bred to excel in demanding environments, and their unique ability to regulate colony population based on pollen and nectar availability makes them the ultimate choice for beekeepers facing harsh conditions. With the added protection from AFB thanks to Dalan's Oral Honeybee Vaccine, these queens help ensure your colony is armed against the devastating effects of American Foulbrood.

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There are many factors that stress honeybee colonies. These may include parasites, predators, poisoning by herbicides and pesticides, loss of food due to fire and drought, and bacterial, fungal, or viral diseases. Among these, American Foulbrood (AFB) is among the most devastating of bee bacterial infections. The bacterial spores that cause AFB have been found to be present in up to 50% of hives tested in Canada and the United States. Developed by Dalan Animal Health, this breakthrough in honeybee care is the first and only biologic conditionally licensed by the USDA-CVB to help in the fight against AFB. The vaccine is safe, non-chemical, and suitable for use in organic agriculture. When queen bees are orally inoculated with Dalan’s vaccine, protection works through a biological mechanism called transgenerational immune priming (TGIP), whereby the queen passes immunity to her daughters before they hatch. The vaccine exposes queen bees to inactive bacteria, which enables the larvae hatched in the hive to resist infection.

Strengths of the Hawaiian Bred Carniolan Queen Bee
Excellent Honey Producers: Known for high-quality honey and diligent foraging, the Hawaiian Bred Carniolan Queen Bee ensures a consistent and abundant harvest.
Environmental Adaptability: Thrives in diverse conditions, showcasing adaptability across various landscapes and climates.
Brood Management: Excels in maintaining an organized hive and optimizing colony health through superior brood management.
Genetic Quality: Bred for superior genetic traits, these bees exhibit resilience, disease resistance, and other desirable characteristics.
Gentle Temperament: Renowned for a calm and non-aggressive demeanor, making hive management safer and easier for beekeepers.
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