OHB Carniolan Queen Bee

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Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB) Carniolan Queen Bees, meticulously chosen for their remarkable hive performance, outstanding honey production, and resilience. Bred and nurtured through expert-led breeding, these Carniolan queen bees are ideal for beekeepers seeking adaptable, high-performing, and resilient bees.

  • OHB queens are Certified free from Africanized Genetics
  • OHB is Certified free from Small Hive Beetle

Strengths of OHB's Carniolan Queen Bees:

  • Ideal for Colder Climates
  • Cold-Weather Foragers
  • Rapid Spring Buildup
  • Excellent Comb Builders
  • Outstanding Honey Producers
  • Gentle Temperament

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