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Olivarez Honey Bees (OHB) Queen Bees exhibit exceptional hive performance, disease resistance, and overall vitality. OHB has worked with the "Tech Transfer Team," developed by world-renowned entomologist Marla Spivak, since before its official launch in an effort to identify and maintain desirable traits in our current stock. OHB's Italian Queens have undergone years of expert-led breeding and meticulous genetic selection. The infusion of "Minnesota Hygienic" and "VSH" (Varroa Sensitive Hygiene) traits enhances their natural resistance to diseases and mite infestations.

  • OHB queens are Certified free from Africanized Genetics
  • OHB is Certified free from Small Hive Beetle

Strengths of OHB's Italian Queen Bees:

  • Gentle and Beginner-Friendly
  • Prolific Brood Production
  • High Hygiene Standards
  • Excellent Comb Builders
  • Outstanding Foragers

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  • 5


    by Carrie Madachik on Jul 03, 2024

    We couldn’t be happier with our Queen. She’s a great producer!

  • 4

    Out of 4 queens three were alive when I received them one was dead

    by Garrison Mark on May 27, 2024

    Good queens, occasionally, some die during shipping