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For beekeepers in search of adaptable, high-performing bees, our Purebred Russian Queen Bees excel in honey production and exhibit varroa resistance, tracheal mite tolerance, adaptive brood rearing, and reduced robbing tendencies. These remarkable Purebred Russian Queen bees have been meticulously selected and bred to thrive in diverse environments, showcasing unique characteristics that cater to the needs of beekeepers facing varying challenges throughout the year.

If you're seeking honey bees that not only excel in honey production but also display unique adaptability to delayed honey and pollen flows, our Purebred Russian Queen Bees are the ultimate choice. These bees are the product of meticulous selection and breeding, ensuring their ability to thrive in diverse conditions, providing beekeepers with year-round success.

Strengths of our Purebred Russian Queen Bees:

  • Varroa Resistance
  • Tracheal Mite Tolerance
  • Adaptive Brood Rearing
  • Reduced Robbing Likelihood

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    Great queens, arrived in perfect condition KY to CA

    by Andrew on Apr 07, 2022

    Just wanted to say I really like these Pure Russian Queens and I was a bit leery since they ship from KY and I am in CA but they got here relatively quickly considering I opted for USPS and the distance and all three look in excellent condition with all attendants alive and well. If you are looking to diversify your apiary I highly recommend trying these out!