Southern Bred Italian Queen Bee

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If you're in pursuit of honey bees that effortlessly adapt to varying environmental conditions, excel in honey production, and display a gentle disposition, Italian Queen Bees are the ideal solution. Carefully chosen and bred, these bees are an excellent choice for beekeepers seeking high productivity and gentle, adaptable bees.

Strengths of Italian Queen Bees:

  • High Productivity and Honey Creation
  • Prolific Brood Rearing
  • Gentle and Docile Temperament
  • Efficient Comb Builders
  • Superb Foragers
  • Low Swarming Tendency
  • Strong Cleaning Behaviors

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    Southern Bred Italian Queen Bee

    by Michael David Cleveland on May 25, 2024

    The reason I have given such a low rating is because there have been customer service issues as opposed to issues with the queens. I purchased 3 queens because I have 3 hives that I tried to requeen the beginning of April that the queens were no accepted. I received an email about my order being delayed on the evening of the delivery date. The original delivery date was the 22nd and was changed to the 29th. The bees arrived on the 29th healthy and I introduced them to the hives as instructed. After 3 days I checked and 2 of the queens were released. The third was still in the cage, though the candy plug had been opened. I released her onto a frame and she was barely moving. By the time I got my phone ready for pictures she had moved down between the frames. After 2 weeks there are eggs and larvae in the first two hives but no sign of the queen or eggs in the third hive. I contacted QueenHelp@MannLake.com but have not received a response.

  • 5


    by Henry R. Parker on Apr 22, 2024

    Received 4 Queen's, installed !!! Done.

  • 5

    Southern Bred Italian Queen Bees !!!!! Good deal

    by Henry R. Parker on Apr 22, 2024

    I would like to order again.

  • 4


    by Ronnie Young on Apr 15, 2024

    they look good upon arrival hope they lay plenty of eggs