8-Frame vs. 10-Frame Beehives: Which to Choose

Modern beekeepers have the luxury of choice. There are many different kinds of hives and equipment to choose from, each with its own perks and benefits. One of the decisions you’ll need to make for your hive is whether to use 8-frame vs. 10-frame beehives. There are pros and cons to each option, but only you can decide what’s best for you and your honey bees. When choosing between 8-frame and 10-frame beehives, keep the following considerations in mind.

8 Frame vs 10 Frame Beehives Mann Lake

Ease of Access

As a beekeeper, you need to be able to work in and around your hive comfortably. Disassembling hives, moving boxes, and inspecting frames can put strain on your body no matter what kind of hive you choose. However, you can make the process as gentle as possible on yourself by choosing the right hive. 10-frame beehives are shorter overall and have fewer boxes to work through during inspections. Meanwhile, 8-frame hive boxes are lighter, making them easier to lift, but you will likely need more of them in your hive.

10 Frame Hives Mann Lake


Honey Production

Another consideration to make when choosing between 8-frame and 10-frame beehives is your rate of honey production. Think about how big you want your hive to be and how much honey you want to harvest. A 10-frame hive box provides more room for your honey and brood. On the other hand, honey bees are more likely to fill more space in an 8-frame box before moving up to the next box in the hive.

8 Frame Hives Mann Lake


The Honey Bees’ Comfort

It’s also important to think about your honey bees’ comfort within the hive. The more compact 8-frame hive box proves particularly beneficial in the winter, as it provides a cozier, better-insulated home for the bees’ cluster. This also makes it easier for the cluster to reach their honey storage in the winter. Additionally, the 8-frame hive is a better match for the tall, narrow hives that wild honey bees make, meaning it’s better suited for the honey bees’ natural instincts and building methods.

No matter what kind of hive you choose, shop Mann Lake to find the highest quality beehive boxes for sale. Our hives and equipment will give your honey bees the home and care they need to live healthy, productive lives in your apiary.

1 thought on “8-Frame vs. 10-Frame Beehives: Which to Choose

  1. janvier ott

    started in 1973 with deep hivebodies (10 and 8fr). By 1978 cut the hivebodies to med using 3 for hives. Used 10 and 8 until about 2013 when I decide for the reason that 8 fr many be better (lighter, more like a tree; etc) for me. I cut the short sides on my 10fr meds to 14″ and rabbit out the one side of the ends, cut the sides to 19.5″ and fasten to rabbit. Used body filler to fill the small holes where 1/2 the finger joints were missing. Even cut the 10 frame bottoms down. I use 3 for the hive and 2 plus for the honey suppers. An 8 fr super with 7frs full of honey weights about 50lbs. All I want to lift from neck height! I have run 50 hives this summer myself. getting too old for this. I am 6ft 3″ and weight about 205lbs. Back yard bee keepers should be guided to the 8fr med equipment! I have been around bees since 1952 when my dad had bees.