January 4th, 2024


As a pioneering force in beekeeping, Mann Lake proves once again that it is committed to the success of beekeepers. With many modern-day threats affecting honey bees, Mann Lake recognizes the importance of supporting bee health and combatting lack of forage diversity, and responds by proudly introducing its latest breakthrough product, Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel. These new pollen substitute patties are crafted with precision and care in the USA and deliver even more benefits to bees to nourish their hives and support the overall well-being of honey bee colonies. 

Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel delivers top-tier nutrition in a simple-to-feed patty form

Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel patties stand out from the crowd due to their innovative formulation, featuring a powerful combination of protein, natural pollen and Apis Biologix’s Bio-Activator. The result is a nutrient-packed, bio-stimulating formula that supplies unparalleled support for bees, ensuring optimal health, vitality, and productivity. 

Key Features of Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties:


Infused with Bio-Activator: What sets Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties apart is the incorporation of cutting-edge Bio-Activator from Apis Biologix. This key supplement enhances the patties' effectiveness, ensuring that the nutrients are readily absorbed and utilized by the bees, and brings the nutritional profile of the feed into alignment with natural floral pollen to promote optimal hive performance.


Scientifically Formulated: Mann Lake's team of experts have meticulously formulated Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties based on scientific research and a deep understanding of bee nutrition. The result is a product that contains beneficial vitamins, lipids, minerals, and a complete amino acid profile to support the health and vitality of honey bee hives.


5% Natural U.S. Pollen Infusion: Mann Lake understands the critical role that natural pollen plays in the diet of honeybees. Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties harness the goodness of natural, irradiated pollen to increase feed consumption and supply essential nutrients that contribute to the overall health and strength of bee colonies.

15% Protein Content: Packed with high protein content, the Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel patties are formulated to increase healthy brood build up, resulting in colony population growth and increased honey production during the nectar flow.


Ready-to-Feed Convenience: Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties come in a user-friendly patty form, making them easy for beekeepers to handle and administer. The patties can be placed directly in the hive, simplifying the feeding process and ensuring that the bees have quick access to the essential nutrients they need.

Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Pollen Substitute Patties come in convenient package sizes for the hobbyist and commercial beekeepers

Available in 1lb patties and 10lb, 40lb and 2100lb packages, Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel Patties are available in quantities that cater to both hobbyist beekeepers and commercial operations. These convenient packages ensure that beekeepers have an ample supply of food to sustain their colonies.


With a proven reputation in premium beekeeping products, Mann Lake adds Ultra Bee Rocket Fuel patties as the flagship product among its renowned line up of pollen substitute feeds, including Ultra Bee Plus, Ultra Bee and Bee Pro feeds. As Mann Lake continues to develop new products that support the success of hobbyist and commercial beekeepers alike, it seems as though the sky is the limit for the future of beekeeping.


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Mann Lake Ltd. is the leading supplier of beekeeping equipment and supplies and is committed to providing beekeepers with the tools they need to support healthy and thriving honeybee colonies. With a focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, Mann Lake is a trusted partner for beekeepers worldwide.

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