Econo 56 Egg Incubator


Product Details


This incubator has many features at a great price. Features include:

  • Adjustable rails so a variety of eggs of different sizes can be incubated at a time
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Automatic egg turning
  • LED display with temperature, humidity, and day monitors
  • Built-in egg candler
  • Easy to wipe and wash
  • Will hold up to 56 chicken/quail eggs or 29 duck eggs.

Power: 80W.

Voltage: 110V


  • 9.90 x 20.70 x 20.80 inches
  • 12.00 LBS


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    Worst Incubator Ever

    by Amber Murphy on Apr 23, 2024

    Whatever you do please DONT waste eggs on this thing. 1- it doesn’t seal tight 2- adding water is cumbersome , messy and easy to wet your eggs when doing it. 3- it’s in Celsius (ok whatever) 4- there are 55 slots not 56 (whatever ) 5- the eggs are incubated at different rates in different areas (near edges , middle etc) I lost some chicks because they were so far behind the hatching ones 6- I had a 10% early quitter rate (higher than I ever have had before) 7- humidity is impossible to control and gets/stays at 70% all the time 8- humidity forms on the top and rains down on the eggs also making it impossible to see through 9- egg candleler is a complete joke (does nothing to help you candle ) 10- I used 6 different incubators (types and methods) all at the same time with the same batch of eggs. . This one had the worst outcome with less than 50% hatch rate. Do I need to say more ?!?