6.5 Gallon Galvanized Waterer


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This chicken waterer is perfect for large flocks. Built from heavy gauge galvanized steel, your drinker will stand strong through all seasons and look great in your yard.

Benefits of a Galvanized Waterer

If you’re tending a large flock, you know how much water they drink. Save time in the yard by investing in a quality galvanized steel waterer from Mann Lake. Ensure a constant flow of water for your poultry. The edges of this waterer prevent leaks and heavy spills as large flocks come to drink.

Keep Your Poultry Hydrated

Provide clean water for over 80 birds with this water source! The inner tank on our galvanized chicken waterer is double-walled to keep water cool and clean for poultry. The large capacity 6.5-gallon tank means you can fill it less often, saving time for more important tasks on the farm.

The Best Water Source for Your Flock

Providing a reliable water source for your poultry is critical to their health. Keep chickens happy and hydrated throughout every season. Our galvanized waterer is built to last and will add rustic charm to your coop, farm, or property. It’s easy to transport and set up wherever your flock calls home.


  • 8.10 LBS


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    Galvanized Waterer

    by Jason Paulk on Jun 12, 2024

    Nice product. Directions would be clearer if there were more word description. I know we all like pictures but making it more clear about how to initiate the flow and the top lid being super tight would help.