Featherman PRO XL Plucker

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Increase processing efficiency with the perfectly plucked bird every time—that’s what the Featherman PRO XL Plucker provides! Your poultry processing operations will greatly benefit from being able to pluck chickens fast, along with other similar-sized birds.

Simply scald turkeys, then drop up to 75 pounds of birds into the chicken plucker. In 20 seconds or less, the birds will be picked clean. No pin feathers, downey feathers, and best of all, no backache, all thanks to the Featherman PRO Plucker! Successfully pluck ducks, turkeys, bantam chickens, and other game birds with this chicken plucker.

Featherman PRO Plucker Benefits

This plucker features 203 large plucker fingers for plucking chickens. It will easily hold 3 or 4 15- to 20-pound turkeys or 6 to 8 broilers. The Featherman PRO plucker is used for large batches of broilers, so it’s been renamed the XL as it can pluck turkeys and large batches of broilers, guinea fowl, and more. Every poultry processor should have an efficient, reliable chicken plucker in their operation.

  • Capacity: 75 pounds of birds
  • Tub diameter: 32 inches
  • Height: 33 inches
  • Width: 35 inches
  • Length: 28 inches
  • Motor: 220 Volts

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