1" Hex Fencing

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This 1 inch fencing is perfect for building your game bird flight pens and can be used for any poultry run as well. It is made from Hex wire which is then coated in PVC. The PVC coating acts as a weather proofing agent to prevent rust. If you have ever built a pen out of non coated chicken wire you know that it rusts out quickly and you will have to rebuild your pen all over again. We all know that reworking projects on the farm is no good!! This PVC coated galvanized wire has lasted up to 17-20 years in our test environments. This 1" hex will work for quail as well as any larger poultry.

This is the fencing that you would like to use for the sides of your flight pen or your chicken run. For the top of your flight pen you would want to use the flight pen netting.

You will want to bury your fencing 8-12" below the ground. So if you want your fence height to be six feet you will need 7 feet of fencing. Many customers order a four foot and a three foot section and then connect them with rings or clamps.

Product Specifications:
Diameter of the Hex Holes 1"

Gauge of the Wire 20 GA
Galvanized and PVC Coated for maximum outdoor life.


  • 7.10 inches
  • 34.00 LBS