Rcom Maru Deluxe Max 190

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Rcom Cabinet Incuabators feature cutting edge incubation technology that allows you to control all aspects of incubation. The built in humidity pump allows you to place a tube right into a container of distilled water and let the incubator automatically fill the reservoir and monitor humidity. Combined with precision temperature control and turning make for an excellent investment for your incubation project. Comes in two sizes to match the capacity on your farm.

  • Can hold up to 144 standard chicken eggs
  • Large push button dial allows for easy adjustment of features - Temperature, Humidity, On/Off, Turning Interval, and Adustable Turning Angle
  • Alarms - Hi/Lo Temperature, Humidity, Door Open, Out of Water
  • Easy to set humidity and temperature. Temperature and Humidity sensors provided by Sensirion Swiss, a leading manufacturer in enviromental sensors
  • Easy View Door with LED Light
  • Door sensor alarms to ensure to ensure your door are closed
  • High Density Foam - the thick sheet with plastic coating provides excellent lifespan and insulation
  • Humidity control - with intergrated humidity pump and humidity control you get a reliability and accuracy built in
  • Four fans for increased airflow and temperature stability
  • Adjustable egg racks included
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Water reserve tank not included


  • 18.20 x 20.70 x 32.80 inches
  • 62.00 LBS