Vented Suit With Veil
Vented Suit With Veil Vented Suit With Veil Vented Suit With Veil Vented Suit With Veil Vented Suit With Veil Vented Suit With Veil

Vented Suit With Veil


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Our completely redesigned Vented Bee Suit ensures you stay cool on hot days in the beeyards. A layer of rubberized netting is sandwiched between two layers of finely woven netting. The open netting on both the suit and veil allow the breeze to flow through so you can be more comfortable even on the hottest of days. Vented Bee Suits are cut generously just like our Honey Maker® Bee Suits, offering the freedom of movement you need. There are two chest pockets (one zippered), two side pant pockets, two hive tool pockets, two back pockets and reinforced fabric on the knees. There are heavy-duty, two-way zippers at the neck and chest for easy on and off and a self-supporting collapsible veil. They also have elastic at the wrist with an elastic thumb hold and heavy-duty zippers at the ankles.

Vented Suit Sizing

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Neck to Ankle

(160.02 cm)

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Killer Bee Suit!

Killer Bee Guy | Reviewed on 4/9/2018
When I received my new Vented Bee Suit from Mann Lake LTD I was ready for a change from the old canvas or rip stop nylon suits that I'd been using for over 30 years. I am known as the Killer Bee Guy and have worked with Africanized bees since they first arrived in Arizona in the early 90s. I do wild hive removal down here in Southern AZ for Police, Fire, BP, the Sheriff, all the ranchers and anyone else that is unfortunate enough to have these aggressive bees on their property.

These new suits took care of all of the main issues that were inescapable with the old style suits!
First: With the old suits heat was always a MAJOR issue especially here in SO AZ where temps outside can routinely be above 100 degrees and much hotter in the suit! Having had heat stroke or sickness way too many times I am overjoyed with the way these new suits breathe! I can fell any breeze that comes along and it helps cool me off even on the hotter days.

Second: Getting stung through the old suits was always a possibility when they would stick to your skin. Not anymore! These new suits are triple layer waffle weave and are too thick for the bees to sting through while still letting all the air circulates around your body!

Third: Working in the field, my great fear is a rip or tear in the suit. The bees WILL find a way in, they will leave a pheromone at the rip and more bees WILL get in! That can ruin your day! I have yet to have a rip go through all 3 layers of the Vented Suit. If the outer layer gets caught on a nail it might pierce the outer layer but I am still protected by the remaining two layers.

My professional removal career has been made safer and a lot less dangerous (not to mention much more comfortable) thanks to these bee suits from Mann Lake LTD!!

Thanks Mann Lake LTD!!

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