Deluxe Solar Wax Melter

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Considered the finest method of processing beeswax cappings, the Solar Wax Melter has no direct heat source, which means less discoloration as well as natural bleaching by the sun to provide you with the lightest rendered beeswax cappings possible!

Our Deluxe Solar Wax Melter is constructed of galvanized steel with the interior dimensions 24½" x 24½" x 7½" (62.23 cm x 62.23 cm x 19.05 cm) and stands 33½" (85.09 cm) tall. This melter has a double insulated plate glass lid for maximum solar power and has a heavy-duty steel stand with attached pivoting base so that you can easily "follow the sun across the sky." Catch pan measures 3" x 22" (7.62 cm x 55.8 cm). Holds approximately 5 lbs. (2.27 kg) of wax. Weighs 70 lbs.

Note: Discontinued product, available only while supplies last.


  • 70.00 LBS