IPM Screened Bottom Board

$19.95 - $25.95

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IPM = Integrated Pest Management. Assists in controlling varroa mites and helps with hive ventilation. Includes: grid Corex debris board and entrance reducer. Remember to insert these items when installing a new package or re-queening to help unite the hive by enclosing the queen pheromone.


  • 5.00 LBS


  • 5

    IPM screened bottom board

    by William Nickles on May 4th 2022

    Well built

  • 1

    Terrible downgrade.

    by Bee Real on May 2nd 2022

    This downgrade of the previous successful design is dangerous for bees. They can get between the Corex debris bottom and the screened bottom. A newly matted queen can also get there. For the IPM function to be efficient the Corex board should be sticky to trap and kill varroa mites and other falling through the screened bottom pests. It is impossible with this new downgrade: a sticky board should be protected from bee access. Mann Lake, could you please restore the previous version with a wooden plank-handle that closes the gap between the corex debris board and the screened bottom?

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    Horrible update

    by beegeek on Apr 24th 2022

    Nothing wrong with the old design.

  • 5

    Screened Bottom board

    by MikeH on Apr 8th 2022

    Exactly what I need. Its well-built dimensionally accurate. I painted and immediately put it into service.