IPM Screened Bottom Board


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IPM = Integrated Pest Management. Assists in controlling varroa mites and helps with hive ventilation. Includes: grid Corex debris board and entrance reducer. Remember to insert these items when installing a new package or re-queening to help unite the hive by enclosing the queen pheromone.

Available in 8 Frame and 10 Frame options. 


  • 5.00 LBS


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    Bottom board

    by stephen Schlatterer on May 21, 2022

    Very good quality and packed well for shipping

  • 5

    IPM screened bottom board

    by William Nickles on May 04, 2022

    Well built

  • 5

    Screened Bottom board

    by MikeH on Apr 08, 2022

    Exactly what I need. Its well-built dimensionally accurate. I painted and immediately put it into service.

  • 5

    Assumbly of this bottom board was excellent.

    by Ron on Mar 10, 2022

    Fair pricing, well made and ready to be used immediately. However, painting or staining would be recommended.