Nuc Notched Inner Cover


Buy 5 for $10.00 ea. and save $1.95


Product Details


Our Nuc Inner Cover is built to last for years of use in the hive! Place our Inner Cover underneath the Nuc Telescoping Cover to provide proper working space for your bees.

Compatible with Nuc Boxes only.


  • 2.38 x 11.50 x 22.00 inches
  • 1.17 LBS


  • 5

    10 frame inner cover

    by Michael Seiler on Mar 29th 2022

    Excellent design. Well worth the money. The height of the inner cover and the notch are perfectly designed for the bees to be protected underneath.

  • 2

    Nuc Inner Cover

    by Fred Ransome on Mar 22nd 2022

    False advertising and higher prices! Neither picture nor the description reveal the presence of the vent hole slot. I had to fill the slot with plastic wood and then refinsih the surface. Cost me money for the plastic wood and time, Probably $30 estra cost.