Nuc Telescoping Cover


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Telescoping Covers are the roof of your hive. Like your own house; you want one that will withstand the harshest conditions. The top is covered with heavy duty aluminum and it telescopes down over the top of the hive to keep out the elements. Use our Inner Cover in conjunction with our Telescoping Cover to allow moisture to escape and provide proper ventilation for your colony.

Compatible with Nuc Boxes only.

For additional quantities, see our WW-104_b, Nuc Telescoping Cover (5+ Covers).


  • 2.30 x 11.80 x 21.90 inches
  • 3.90 LBS


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    Telescoping cover

    by Michael Seiler on Mar 29, 2022

    The finest cover on the market. The metal top protects the wood and if the wood is painted then the cover will last forever. The metal top allows for weight bearing if you want to place a brick or two on top to protect from wind or animals.