Beetle Trap & Mite Count Tray

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If beetles are bugging your hive, try this Beetle Trap. It's specifically designed to fit your 8-Frame Screened Bottom Board WW696. Just remove the middle strip on the back. You don't need any special attractant, just fill the included tray with your choice of food-grade oil, mineral salt, or diatomaceous earth to draw the beetles into the trap where they can't escape. This trap is versatile, too; if you need to do a mite count, just cover the tray with a film of petroleum jelly or oil. Works with 8-frame equipment. Bottom board sold separately.

  • Fits 8-frame equipment
  • Specifically designed to fit your 8-Frame Screened Bottom Board WW696
  • Fill the tray with food-grade oil, mineral salt or diatomaceous to lure and trap beetles
  • Tray can be filled with petroleum jelly to assist with a mite count


  • 10.00 LBS