Beetle Towels

$12.95 - $74.95

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Beetle Towels are an effective and economical way to trap small hive beetles. Place one to two sheets in each hive where beetles congregate. Your bees will chew up the towels, creating a fuzzy trap. Beetles are unable to escape once they make contact with the towel. Replace sheets once they become filled with beetles and repeat! 300 half sheets per case.

Each half sheet measures approximately 13" x 12" (33.02 cm x 30.48 cm).


  • 5.40 inches
  • 3.80 LBS


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    Buy elsewhere

    by Nicholas Benton on Apr 04, 2024

    It's not that this product doesn't work, I've used similar ideas. The problem is that you are buying "medium duty food service wipes" at nearly three times the price. I made the mistake due to a poor description and it's not worth the money to return it. I did bring it up to the Mann lake team who has not adjusted price or description. You can buy a box (150) of medium duty food service wipes for about $25 as opposed to Mann lake's $70

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    Beetle towels are a useless waste of time

    by Paul Ishkanian on Mar 21, 2024

    I am not sure why this product is on the market, let alone on the Mann lake site. As a frustrated beekeeper trying to deal with the ever increasing numbers of beetles, i was willing to pay the $9.00 plus shipping for a few these towels. Aside from the fact that it comes with no instructions, it does not trap beetles, as the photos and Youtube videos claim. The minute you remove the towel, beetles will fly away. Also, bees will lay propolis on the towel adhering the towel to hive parts. No matter how careful i was in removing the towel, the beetles flew away or went right into the hive. As an aside, I have also tried the traps and CD cases that you fill with oil. The beetles that get caught are far too few to make a difference and the openings get plugged with propolis.