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Apivar®: A Highly Effective Varroa Mite Treatment

Apivar® is one of the industry-leading preventions and treatments for varroa mite infestations in honey bee colonies. It is both safe and highly effective in keeping mite numbers low in hives and therefore maintains healthier longer-living bees.

What is Apivar?

Apivar is an Amitraz laced polymer strip used in the treatment of varroa mites. Amitraz paralyzes varroa mites and causes them to detach from the host honey bee. This causes the mite to die of starvation at the bottom of the hive. The polymer strip application is important because it regulates the release of the Amitraz and is durable enough to withstand the 6-8 week treatment period. The 6-8 week treatment course ensures that several cycles of varroa mite emergence are covered. This leads to Apivar’s extremely high efficacy rate – up to 99%!

Why use Apivar?

Not only is it a highly effective varroa mite treatment, but it is also safe for your bees! Apivar leaves no residue in the hive and is safe for both brood and bees when used properly in the hives.

When to use Apivar?

Apivar is best used as a spring and fall treatment. Use in the spring before adding any honey supers to your hive. Fall treatment should be after honey supers have been pulled from the hive. It’s especially important to treat your hive in the fall as varroa mites can weaken winter bees and affect the winter survivability of the colony. Consider adding Pro Winter Patties to aid in the winter survivability rate of your colonies. Do not use Apivar when honey supers are on the hive.

Where can I purchase Apivar?

Mann Lake is an Apivar approved retailer. Apivar is available conveniently in both a 10 pack and a 50 pack for whatever your beeyard needs are. Try it today, your bees will thank you!


Apivar is simple to use and is highly effective. Click the button below to view Apivar’s Instructions For Use.

Apivar Instructions For Use