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How To Separate Beeswax From Honeycomb

Honey isn’t the only great product you can gather from a beehive. Many beekeepers, hobbyists, and health enthusiasts use beeswax for a variety of reasons. Of course, you can buy beeswax from specialty stores or health food markets. However, like honey, store-bought beeswax will never give you the same satisfaction you can get from rendering your own wax straight from the comb. If you keep honey bees or know a beekeeper, you can gather your own beeswax for your various projects. Learn the process of how to separate beeswax from honeycomb with this guide.

Melt And Render

To render beeswax from the honeycomb, you need to melt the comb in simmering water. The first step is to wrap your pieces of honeycomb in cheesecloth. This will filter out any solids in the comb, such as pieces of honey bees. Bring a large pot of water to a simmer, and carefully place your bundle of honeycomb inside. As the comb heats up, the beeswax will melt and seep out of the cheesecloth. Use a pair of tongs to squeeze the cheesecloth and ensure you get as much beeswax out as possible. Once your bundle is empty, remove it and set the water aside to cool. As it does, the beeswax will float to the top of the pot and harden.

Cleaning The Beeswax

Once the water and beeswax are completely cool, you can remove the top layer of wax from the pan. Depending on what you want to use the beeswax for, you might have to clean the wax. To do this, simply wrap the wax in a fresh cheesecloth and repeat the melting process. You can also use a coffee filter to catch even more debris and create a cleaner batch of wax.

Uses For Beeswax

Once the beeswax is to your satisfaction, you can pour it into containers or molds and use it however you want. Some people choose to make home products such as candles or furniture polish out of their beeswax. Others create luxurious health and beauty products. The natural moisturizing properties of beeswax make it a fantastic ingredient for body butter and lip balm. Now that you know how to separate beeswax from honeycomb, you can make these and many other products at your leisure.

Beeswax is just one of the many great reasons to become a beekeeper! Whether you’re after wax, honey, or the sheer joy of taking care of an important part of our ecosystem, you can pick up one of Mann Lake’s bee boxes for sale and start your beekeeping career today.