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What's the Buzz on Honey Bandit & Fume Boards

What is Honey Bandit?

Honey Bandit is a natural and non-toxic honey removal aid. Contains only food-grade ingredients and does not have a harsh odor. Honey Bandit safely deters bees from the hive so beekeepers can safely remove frames and start extracting honey. 

What is a Fume Board?

fume board is placed on top of a fully-filled honey super. It acts as a top cover which consists of an interior material that absorbs odors from a non-toxic solution. There are several ways of separating bees from their honey. Many beekeepers use a bee blower or a brush but the most efficient is by using a fume board. 

Who uses Fume Boards?

The fume board is the tool of choice for commercial, larger-scale beekeepers, and hobby beekeepers when it comes time to harvest honey. When it comes time to harvest the honey, a beekeeper needs to clear the bees from the super, so that the super of honey can be brought back to the shop for extraction and processing. 

Our Solar Fume Board has a felt side to soak in Honey Bandit. Its design is specific to getting bees down into your brood chamber allowing for easy honey removal. 

How to Apply Honey Bandit

Products Used to Remove Honey

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