Solar Fume Board

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Tired of waiting for an escape screen? Try our Solar Fume Board, with a felt underside to soak in honey bandit or honey robber. Its design is specific to getting bees down into your brood chamber, allowing for easy removal.

Efficient Harvesting Tool

Designed for an 8-frame or 10-frame beehive, this solar board uses (you guessed it!) solar heat to drive your bees out of the hive. To efficiently harvest your hive's honey, you'll need the sun, a fume board, and a honey bandit. Featuring a solid wood build and quality craftsmanship, it is proudly made in the USA.

Hive Management with a Fume Board

Optimize your beekeeping efforts on warm, sunny days using our Solar Fume Board. This tool dramatically reduces the time spent clearing bees from honey supers and brood chambers. The fume board acts as an effective bee repellent, encouraging bees to vacate the supers, making your harvest quicker and more efficient.

Application Method

Keep your bees undisturbed and avoid chaotic bee clearing during the honey harvest with this fume board. Here’s how to apply it effectively:

  • Apply honey bandit or honey robber to the felt underside of the fume board in the shape of an X or S.
  • Place the fume board on top of the upper super with the corners of frames exposed for airflow.
  • Removal time will depend on the current temperature and humidity.
  • The black corrugated top works to raise the temperature by 10–15°F, which increases the vaporization of the honey removal aid, making it work better and faster.
  • Removal aid is sold separately.

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  • 16.40 inches
  • 2.60 LBS