Nite Guard Solar Animal Repellent Tape

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It is generally recommended that you cut 5-6 strips about 30" long. Place the strips in the area where you are having daytime predator problems. Best results are usually found when placing repellent tape strips 6-7' above the area you are trying to protect if you are using it for birds or hawks. Eye level for ground predators. Place at 20-25' intervals around and within the area you are trying to protect using shorter strips.2"x100'Deluxe holographic flash tape scares animals with light and noise.Extra wide, heavy duty iridescent foil tape works well to keep hawks away.Tape produces a loud crackle noise and a bright flash.Noisier, brighter and lasts longer than ordinary flash tape.


  • 2.40 x 2.60 x 2.70 inches
  • 0.30 LBS