Wooden Solar Wax Melter


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Our wooden solar wax melter is perfect for the budget-conscious beekeeper! A great way to melt down small amounts of wax that accumulate in the hive and need removing.

There’s no better way to clean your beeswax than by using the power of the sun. Each melter is complete with a filter, glass lid, and collection tray. After a few hours, beekeepers will watch the solar wax melter working to separate the debris from the wax, making cleaning the wax a non-issue. Add multiple trays at once to increase production and efficiency over time.

Melting and using beeswax to create other products is a great way to utilize the byproducts of the hive’s hard work throughout the season.

Once the clean wax is processed, there are many uses for melted wax and wax cappings. Melted beeswax can be made into various skin care products, like lip balms and other moisturizing products. Many prefer to melt beeswax and create candles and soaps to sell or use in their homes.

Tip: Paint the melter black to increase efficiency during the melting process! Ships assembled; just attach legs with a screwdriver.


  • 16.63 x 21.00 x 30.00 inches
  • 30.00 LBS


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    Wooden solar wax melter

    by Angela Barnes on Apr 29, 2022

    I’ve been using one of these from Mann Lake for years now. Purchased a second one just recently. Comes assembled. Just have to put on the legs and paint. You can drop in multiple frames at a time. Really does a fantastic job. I have been extremely pleased with this solar wax melter. Definitely recommend. A++