Wooden Solar Wax Melter


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There’s no better way to clean your beeswax than by using the power of the sun, and our wooden solar wax melter is perfect for the budget-conscious beekeeper! A great way to melt down small amounts of wax cappings that accumulate in the hive and need removing.

Assembly Made Easy

This item ships unassembled; just attach the legs with a screwdriver. The solar wax melter comes with a plexiglass lid, melting tray, and collection pan. Assembly instructions are also included. A filter may be purchased separately to separate debris from the wax as it melts.

Efficiency Tip

Paint the solar melter black to increase its efficiency. The dark color absorbs more solar energy, increasing the internal temperature, which then speeds up the melting process. This method is particularly useful during cooler days or in regions with less intense sunlight.

Melting Time Under Solar Power

The time it takes to melt wax in a solar wax melter can vary, but typically, it takes a few hours of exposure to direct sunlight. The efficiency of melting depends greatly on the sun's intensity, which is why placing the melter in a sunny location where the sun shines brightly will accelerate the melting process.

Ensuring Purity in Melted Wax

The DIY solar wax melter is designed with a filtration system to ensure the purity of the melted wax. As the wax melts, impurities are separated, allowing only clean, yellow wax to be collected.

This process is facilitated by the use of aluminum foil or similar material within the melter, which acts as a filter to remove debris and other impurities from the wax.

The design of solar wax melters focuses on the efficient rendering of wax while maintaining its quality, ensuring that the wax is ready for use in various applications without further purification.


  • 12.90 x 23.90 x 39.00 inches
  • 32.80 LBS


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    Wooden solar wax melter

    by Angela Barnes on Apr 29, 2022

    I’ve been using one of these from Mann Lake for years now. Purchased a second one just recently. Comes assembled. Just have to put on the legs and paint. You can drop in multiple frames at a time. Really does a fantastic job. I have been extremely pleased with this solar wax melter. Definitely recommend. A++