16 Gallon (60.5 l) Wax Melter

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Melt wax for candle making with a high-quality, durable wax melting tank from Mann Lake. Whether you’re running a business or need a melting tank for craft purposes, this equipment is a must-have if you work with wax and other products on a regular basis.

How It Works

Our wax melting tank is a large double-boiler that provides safe, slow heating for wax and other sensitive products like soaps or syrups. This slow, indirect heating prevents discoloration and allows you to accurately control the temperature of melting wax for your projects.

Uses for the Wax Melting Tank

Aside from wax melting, the tank can also be used for warming sauces, tempering chocolate, warming buckets, and more. Whether you’re a beekeeper or work with products that require gentle melting, our wax melting tank is the perfect equipment for the task. It’s a versatile piece of equipment for various melting tasks!

This wax melter unit comes with a ball valve.

Use HH385 Filter Basket and HH390 Filter Cloth sold separately

Immersion heater size: 1500 Watt, 110 Volt


  • 55.00 LBS