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Winterization with Moisture Board & Hot Box

Though summer is the honey bee’s busiest season, they work hard all year long. When winter comes around, honey bees put a lot of effort into keeping the hive warm and making sure everyone—especially the queen—is safe, cozy, and well-fed. Beekeepers must also work hard to prepare their colonies for the cold. You’ve done your job to make sure your hives thrive throughout spring and summer, and now it’s time to help them survive winter.

Winterization with Moisture Board & Hot Box, Mann lake ltd

With our Moisture Board, you can aid in preventing moisture buildup in the winter on your hives. Your bees will stay dry thanks to the Moisture Board, which will help absorb condensation. A rock and the Telescoping Cover, if desired, can be used to hold the flaps down while the Inner Cover, Moisture Board, and Winter Wrap are all placed on top of the hive. compatible only with 10 Frame hardware.

During the winter, moisture board is used to assist absorb hive moisture and keep your bees dry. One of the main reasons for bee hive loss in the winter can be moisture. The moisture board replaces the need for a top ventilation opening. The bees will need to consume more feed in order to make up for the heat lost when using the higher entrance because you also lose a significant quantity of moisture and heat through the hole. 

They may exhaust their winter feed reserves too soon if they have to consume extra feed to make up for lost heat, which will cause them to pass away just as springtime is about to arrive. The board will absorb moisture. They won't need to consume as much of their meal if the moisture is captured and wicked to the outside through the board's sides while the bees are kept warm within.

Winterization with Moisture Board & Hot Box, Mann lake ltd

Our HotBox and Moisture Board was designed specifically with beekeepers in the northern climates in mind, though it can be used in southern climates depending on the temperature. The Hot Box helps maintain proper temperatures in the hive throughout the winter months. Made from a pine shallow super with wire boundaries on top and bottom with insulation in the center. Includes a moisture board.

The Hot Box separates the warm air inside the hive from the cold outside air, reducing condensation within the hive. Insulation material in the center of the Hot Box helps retain heat within the hive. The included moisture board draws liquid away from the bees and ventilation helps speed up evaporation to keep the bees dry. Includes bee escape holes which are the correct size for bees, but prevent small animals like mice from entering the hive.

  • Safely and efficiently winterizes your beehive
  • Controls moisture content within the hive and provides insulation from the cold
  • Made of solid pine; contains insulation between screens on top and bottom of box
  • Fits any standard Langstroth hive
  • Complete instructions included


1. Paint exterior of Hot Box (preferably black) and let dry.Winterizing the Hive

2. Ensure an entrance reducer is in place and install a mouse guard.

3. Remove outer cover, set aside.

4. Remove inner cover and store for the winter. It will not be placed back on the hive after the Hot Box is installed.

5. Place Hot Box on top of uppermost box with the two holes (bee escape) facing towards the front and below the handle. Make sure the triangular spacers are on top.

6. Place Moisture Board on top of Hot Box.

7. In order to assist with drawing moisture from the outer cover, place included ¾” spacers on top of moisture board, as shown on previous page. This will create additional space between the moisture board and outer cover.

8. Replace outer cover. (Do not replace the inner cover).

9. For extra insulation, wrap hive with tar paper or additional hive insulating products.

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Your efforts, resources, and labor have benefited your bees; now, let's see whether we can assist them survive the winter. At Mann Lake, we provide a variety of products that can support the growth and winter survival of your beehives.

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