Buckwheat Seed

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Buckwheat is a favorite of both bees and beekeepers. Buckwheat produces small white flower clusters that provide a great nectar source for the bees. This nectar results in a dark-flavored honey that many compare to molasses. The bees will be attracted to the buckwheat flowers, and you’ll enjoy how fast-growing the plant is.

Plant in the spring after the frost period or in mid-June through early July for a late summer honey flow. After the frost is over, your plants can be left on the ground during the winter,which and will promote richer soil for the following year.

Our organic buckwheat seeds come in ten or fifty-pound bags. Whether you’re working on a small plot or several acres, growing buckwheat for your hive is a wise choice. The bees will benefit from the variety of vitamins and minerals in the honey and can utilize it in their winter food storage.

Buckwheat Fast Facts

  • Seeding rate: fifty pounds per acre
  • Annual planting depth: one inch
  • Plant height: three feet if planted in summer, thirty inches or less if planted in late July
  • Soil requirement: it does not require highly fertile soil; it grows well in nearly any type of soil.
  • This type of wheat likes nitrogen. 
  • Matures in two months
  • Blooms in the late summer


  • 11.30 inches
  • 50.90 LBS