6 Gallon (22.71 l) Glass Carboy

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A glass carboy is the best option for fermenting wine. Glass is typically preferred over plastic during fermentation because it does not hold any odor, which can negatively affect the flavor of the wine. As you embark on the great adventure of wine or mead-making, Mann Lake has high-quality products and equipment to make your endeavors successful.

Benefits of a Glass Carboy in Winemaking

Whether you’re new to wine or a seasoned pro, the 6-gallon glass carboy will meet your needs regardless of your experience. Made with thick, durable glass, this carboy is resilient and designed to resist scratching that could affect your brew. The carboy can be fitted with a cork or rubber stopper, sealed airtight, and utilized for long-term storage of wine and mead.

Wine, Beer, or Mead

No matter what you’re brewing, the 6-gallon glass carboy will ensure you get the delicious concoction you worked so hard for. Because of its larger size, this carboy is best used for the secondary fermentation of wine or brewing lagers. The narrow neck and shoulders of the carboy minimize the liquid’s exposure to air, which can change the flavor.

Give the Gift of Carboys or Invest In Yourself

If you’re shopping for a fellow winemaker or investing in quality equipment for your own business or hobby, the glass carboy should be on your list. This item ensures that the taste and fermentation of your product are delicious and high quality.


  • 16.50 x 17.70 x 23.10 inches
  • 17.90 LBS