A Guide to Pigeon Keeping

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Whether raising pigeons for racing or simply as a passion project, there is much to know about keeping pigeons before you try your hand. A Guide to Pigeon Keeping is a compact but thorough book by an experienced pigeon breeder and racer that covers racing, training, breeding, housing, feeding, sexing, and health.

There’s no better way than to learn from renowned pigeon fanciers who have already learned all there is to know about raising domestic pigeons and navigating the world of pigeon races and training homing pigeons.

Along with racing pigeons, discover in this guide the talents of roller pigeons and their quirky midair somersaults cultivated for showing and aerial performances. This guide also contains information on untrained pigeons and what is required to turn them into show or utility pigeons.

Read in this guide information on selecting the appropriate pigeon lofts or nest boxes for your domesticated pigeons, how to handle a female pigeon during breeding season, and the care and environment baby pigeons need.

Includes B/W photos of loft interiors and breeding cages. Aside from info on keeping a pigeon as a pet, brief descriptions of multiple pigeon breeds are included. By R. Puccini. Soft cover, 50 pp.


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