Beekeeping Posters - Set of 5

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Stunning photos by French photographer Eric Tourneret captures the honeybee in a way that is seldom seen with the human eye! Our set of 5 posters cover the following topics:Beekeeping, The Hives, The Environment; The Castes: Queen, Bees And Drones; Pollination, What The Bee Gives Humans; The Queen, The Mother, The Fertility Of The Hive; The Colony, The Nectar, The Pollen, The Propolis, The Royal Jelly. Each poster measures 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) and contains at least 7 different photographs along with descriptions.


  • 2.30 x 2.50 x 26.30 inches
  • 1.30 LBS