Grey Mann Lake Hat with Black Logo

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This new Mann Lake hat is comfortable and stylish, with a gray brim and a front panel with a white crown. Complete with a snapback and black hexagon Mann Lake logo.

Why Grey Mann Lake Hat?

  • Show your love for bees. Bees are the stewards of our ecosystem. They are insects we are proud to farm and nurture. Wear the Grey Mann Lake Hat to show your love for beekeeping.
  • The Grey Mann Lake Hat is well-ventilated. The hat has a mesh on the back of the cap that increases ventilation and airflow into your head. With the hat, you avoid the wet and sweaty feeling after wearing a cap for a while.
  • It’s just the perfect fit. A cap that fits too tightly is uncomfortable, while a cap that doesn't fit is unwearable. The Grey Mann Lake hat is neither of those. With the snap adjustment capability at the back of the hat, you can easily fit your hat snuggly on your head.
  • A hat built to last. The hat is not a cheaply assembled piece of attire. It has been designed and crafted with a lot of care and thought to truly represent the quality of Mann Lake Bee and AG Supply.
  • It’s the perfect gift for bee lovers and beekeepers. The Grey Mann Lake Hat is a to-go gift for your friends and family who are bee enthusiasts.

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  • 4.30 x 8.00 x 9.10 inches
  • 0.17 LBS