Pure Beeswax Block - 25 lbs

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Our beeswax has been filtered through a fine-grade filtering cloth to bring you the purest expression of what our bees have made. This also allows the natural color to shine through, a color that ranges from light, creamy yellow to a soothing, deep yellow-orange. This variety of color is due to many factors, including which nectar it came from and the age of the wax, offering you a natural variety of colors for you crafting needs!

  • Thoroughly filtered, pure, and natural
  • Color may range from light yellow to near orange
  • Unscented
  • Ideal for candles, soap, lip balms, body lotions, cosmetics, crafts, and more

Note: Densities of beeswax may vary, so weight is approximate.



  • 6.00 x 12.10 x 14.10 inches
  • 25.10 LBS