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he Little Egg Scrubber is a Safe, Quick and Easy Egg Washing Machine to clean Dirty Eggs. This Egg Cleaning Device will Gently and Safely Scrub a Dozen Eggs in a Minute and over 700 an Hour. You just presoak your eggs for 15 minutes in warm water mixed with our All Natural Enzyme Presoak.* This helps remove stains and organic contaminates. Place the scrubber in the sink with reservoir, turn on the warm water, plug the scrubber in and place the presoaked eggs in the three green pockets. Let your eggs tumble and scrub for 15 seconds. Remove one of the eggs, rinse and dry. Replace with another presoaked egg and repeat the process in the next pocket and so on. Then refrigerate the eggs. WASH YOUR EGGS IN LESS THEN HALF THE TIME COMPARED TO HAND WASHING! This unit is Small, Light Weight, Portable and easy to store. It is 10"X 10" wide X 6" tall and designed to fit in an average Kitchen sink. MADE WITH FOOD GRADE NYLON MATERIALS, STAINLESS STEEL COMPONENTS AND HEAVY DUTY NYLON BRUSHES!ONE YEAR MONEY BACK OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTEE! The Little Egg Scrubber is an egg cleaning machine intended for the Small Backyard Egg Farmer and not for Industrial or Large Scale Egg Farmers. It has a limit of 720 eggs a day (one hour) or 356 hours of run time in a single year! Exceeding the hourly run time will void the One Year Limited Warrantee! The Little Egg Scrubber is engineered to last for years with normal use. What you will get with this egg washing machine order: 1) Little Egg Scrubber with reservoir tray and directions, also included is a free "Stain Remover Power Sponge" and a free 4 oz. sample bottle of Enzyme Presoak, which we highly recommend! * Another effective method in place of presoaking your eggs would be to slowly pour a partial bucket of very warm Enzyme Presoak Mixture over a basket of your eggs, let stand for several minutes and repeat several time before cleaning with "The Little Egg Scrubber".

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