55 Gallon/660 lb (204.14 l) Bottling Tank

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Our bottling tank acts as a big double-boiler providing safe heating for honey, wax and other sensitive products like soaps or syrups. This slow, indirect heating prevents discoloration when bottling honey and allows you to accurately control the temperature of melting wax, etc. As a bottler the unit comes with our stainless drip-free bottling valve. As a wax melter, the unit comes with a ball valve. With these great combinations you'll wonder why you didn't get one sooner! Optional filtering baskets are available for each size. Immersion heater size: 3000 Watt, 220 Volt.

Save yourself a step! Filter and melt all in one process! In order to use a filter cloth, you must use a filter basket to hold it in place. To increase the filtration rate, use multiple baskets (up to 3 can be used together for maximum output).


  • 50.00 LBS