Portable Propane Steam Generator

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Offering a dependable solution for extracting or uncapping, our propane steam generator requires no electrical power, providing a continuous supply of low-pressure steam. Measuring 22" x 22" x 43½" and weighing 58 lbs, it is perfectly sized for both hobbyist and commercial use.

Precise Control for Perfect Steam

This steam generator offers precise temperature management for your boiler, ensuring steady operation for a variety of apiary-related tasks. The built-in filter guarantees the cleanliness of the steam output, enhancing the overall functionality of your beekeeping equipment.

Optimized Honey Processing

Steam generators can enhance honey harvest, offering a streamlined approach for beekeepers. The precise management of the boiler function facilitates the exact steaming conditions necessary for processing honey with control and efficiency.

Robust and Reliable

Our propane steam generator and boilers are made with beekeepers in mind, providing a power source that's both robust and easy to manage. This generator represents our commitment to high-quality beekeeping supplies tailored for those who need reliable, commercial-grade equipment.

Mann Lake stands as the largest beekeeping supplier and manufacturer, dedicated to providing equipment that meets the rigorous demands of beekeepers everywhere.


  • 62.00 LBS