Honey & Syrup Pump

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Gone are the days of using buckets to manually transfer honey to filters and bottling tanks. With an effective honey pump, your job just got easier. 

Our honey and syrup pump effectively moves honey from the clarifier or sump without any risk of spills, drips, or air bubbles. Handle your bees’ honey with extra care using our reliable honey pump.


Mann Lake Honey Pump

This honey pump from Mann Lake has been designed specifically for pumping high-viscosity liquids like honey. Our gear pump has a built-in relief valve with 1½" ports. This machine pumps 6 to 8 gallons (22.7 l–30.27 l) per minute at 1750 rpm with 90° F (32°C) liquid. This pump is most effective with a flooded inlet and is not self-priming.


Pump Versatility 

If you’re a commercial-grade beekeeper, adding this tool to your arsenal will elevate your efficiency and your entire honey production business. Not to mention it will save you time and energy! 

Please note that this machine cannot pump cold honey; we recommend a temperature of at least 85 degrees Fahrenheit for proper use.

Need a motor to power your pump? Check out our Pump and Motor option.


  • 16.30 inches
  • 80.00 LBS