Ultra Bee Plus Patties with Natural Pollen, 10 lb

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Ultra Bee Plus Patties is a premium protein feed source for your honey bees that includes the added benefits of USA sourced pollen. The high protein content in Ultra Bee Plus Patties helps your bees produce a healthy brood build-up while the natural pollen content increases the consumption of the patty itself. This perfect combination of plant-based ingredients and pollen allows for population growth which leads to a more productive colony and stronger, healthier bees.

Ultra Bee Plus Patties are made with only high-quality ingredients and natural, irradiated USA-sourced pollen. This ensures your honey bees are receiving a balanced diet of beneficial vitamins, lipids, minerals, and a complete amino acid profile.

Why choose Ultra Bee Plus Patties for your honey bee hive?

  • Includes natural, irradiated pollen, sourced from US beekeepers
  • Made with only high-quality ingredients
  • Pollen naturally increases patty consumption rate
  • High protein content encourages healthy brood build-up
  • 15% crude protein content
  • 5% natural pollen content
  • Convenient & ready to feed patty formulation

We offer Ultra Bee Plus Patties in three convenient sizes: 1 lb, 10 lb, 40 lb, or 2100 lb. Patties are pre-formed (approximately 1 lb each) and are ready to feed directly out of the box. We recommend using the product within 18-24 months of the manufacture date. Any unused feed can be stored in the freezer indefinitely to reduce protein degradation.


  • 3.00 x 11.00 x 13.00 inches
  • 10.90 LBS
  • Convenient & ready to feed patty formulation
  • High protein rate to encourage healthy brood build-up
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