Beekeeper's Bucket Organizer

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Keep all the tools and supplies you need for the bee yard organized and ready to go with our Beekeeper's Bucket Organizer. As you organize and store tools, ensuring you have a home base for everything is essential to a successful season of beekeeping and tending to the hive.

This high-quality bucket tool organizer makes beekeeping efficient and will save you the headache of carrying individual tools. The organizer’s durable material withstands any weather, making it easy to tend to your hive, rain or shine. Not only is the bucket organizer durable, the material is also lightweight and can be worn with ease.

Fill it up with all the tools you need or carry particular tools for a specific task; the choice is yours! The pockets allow for easy carrying and keep your hands free as you work. 

Simply fit the bucket inside a 31/2- or 5-gallon bucket and fill the 61 pockets with your various beekeeping tools. It has 25 inside double-row pockets and 36 outside triple-row pockets, all of varying sizes so you can store each tool easily.

Made of polyester fabric. Bucket not included, sold separately.


  • 4.70 x 6.50 x 13.40 inches
  • 1.80 LBS