Deluxe Starter Kit

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Our fully assembled 10 Frame Deluxe Starter Kit includes all the necessary equipment to get started in beekeeping, along with all the tools and accessories you need to make beekeeping easy!

  • Complete 10 Frame Assembled Painted Hive Kit with 2 - 9 5/8” brood boxes, 2 – 6 5/8” supers with Assembled Frames
  • Premium Painted Screened Bottom Board
  • Metal Hive Stand
  • Wood Bound Metal Queen Excluder
  • Mouse Guard to protect your hive during the winter months
  • 7” Stainless Steel Smoker with Burlap, Cotton Fiber, and B.Calm Smoker Fuel
  • Bucket Organizer to store and transport all essential tools
  • Stainless Steel Lifter and Scraper
  • Stainless Steel Frame Perch
  • Standard Frame Grip
  • Premium Bee Brush
  • 1 Gallon in hive ProFeeder with ProSweet Syrup and ProHealth
  • 10 pack Ultra Bee Plus patties with Natural Pollen
  • ProDFM Direct Fed Microbials
  • Best Bees Seed Mix
  • Varroa EZCheck and Field Evaluation Jounal
  • 4 pack Apivar so you are ready to treat for mites
  • Backyard Beekeeper book


  • 153.55 LBS