5 5/8" Natural Max Wax Rite-Cell Premium Foundation

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MAX WAX Rite-Cell® Premium Foundation has the maximum amount of wax that can be applied. That means your bees can draw the comb faster than ever before, giving them more time to make honey! All wax used on our foundation and frames is purchased from beekeepers right here in the US!

✔ Prefered Choice - With nearly triple the amount of wax, bees will draw out quicker than any other foundation. Plus, our sheets are made of stronger and more durable food-grade plastic that holds up to many extracting seasons.

✔ Make Honey Faster - The textured cell interior features sharper cell edges for quick acceptance, so your bees can make honey faster. Plus it's impervious to damage from wax moths. 

✔ Textured Cells - Encourage bees to successfully draw out the foundation to raise brood and store nectar and pollen. Our cells are deeper and heavier than the competition. 

✔ High Quality Design - We glue AND staple our frames for durability! Our frames feature high precision cuts and an unparalleled fit and finish. Plus it's made to fit standard equipment and any uncappers - compatibility is a breeze. 

✔ Bees Love It - With sharper cell edges for quicker acceptance, bees love our Rite-Cell foundation and frames! Rite-Cell features deeper cells and higher definition. Upgrade to MAX-WAX for the heaviest coating available, which means your bees have more time to make honey. 

✔ Easy To Install - Snaps easily into groove top bar and bottom bar frame.

Use with 6⅝" (24.45 cm) Hive Bodies and (23.18 cm) 6¼" Frames.



  • 18.10 inches
  • 32.30 LBS


  • 2

    Fool me once . . .

    by Withheld on Apr 16, 2024

    Paid for the "premium" wax coating. If there was any wax at all on the foundations, it must have been applied by a microscopic robot. As the saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. . . . . "

  • 5

    5 5/8" Natural Max Wax Rite-Cell Premium Foundation

    by Patrick Shaver on Apr 13, 2022

    very well made, thicker foundation than most and well waxed

  • 5

    55/8" Natural Max Wax Rite-Cell Premium Foun

    by Harold on Mar 31, 2022

    Very pleased with this foundation

  • 4

    5 5/8 foundation

    by Calvin Snyder on Mar 21, 2022

    Real wax works the best but I'm tired of blowouts. The natural max wax is almost as good as real wax and blowouts are not an issue any more.