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Frame wire helps to prevent the wax foundation from sagging or breaking under the weight of the comb.

This sturdy frame wire keeps the wax foundation centered in the frame. Without frame wire, the wax foundation could shift around in the frame, making it difficult for the bees to draw out comb properly.

Frame wire helps to support the frames, making them less likely to break or warp. This is especially important during honey extraction, when the frames are full of heavy honey.

Hanging Wire

Hang on—fishing line or picture hanging wire might work in a pinch but don’t just use any hanging wire for your frames. Bees can chew through picture-hanging wire and fishing line and cause the comb to detach from the frame.

Steel frame wire is a better hanging wire than picture hanging wire for supporting frames. This fine wire is stronger than fishing line or picture-hanging wire.

Basic Steps & Tools

  1. Prepping the Frame: If using pre-assembled frames, locate the first pre-drilled hole along the top. Then move to the bottom, and sides of the frame.

  2. Cutting the Wire: Measure and cut the wire to a length slightly longer than the frame's perimeter. Account for wrapping around the end holes and tensioning.

  3. Threading the Wire (Optional Tool): A frame wiring tool can simplify this step. It holds the wire taut while you guide it through the frame holes. Otherwise, thread the wire through one of the end holes, leaving a tail outside the frame.

  4. Securing the Start: Twist the tail of the wire around a designated pin or nail at the end of the frame and secure it with pliers or by bending it flat against the wood.

  5. Following the Pattern: Thread the wire through the remaining holes in a specific pattern, typically a zig-zag or up-and-down pattern. Ensure the wire goes through all the holes provided.

  6. Tensioning: Once the wire goes through every hole, use the wiring tool (if using) or pliers to gently pull the wire taut. This embeds the wire slightly into the wood and keeps the wax foundation straight when installed back into the hive.

  7. Securing the End: Wrap the remaining wire around the opposite end pin of the frame and secure it similarly to the starting point. You can use a hammer to gently tap the pin or wire end to ensure a tight fit.

  8. Clipping Excess: Cut off any excess wire with pliers before you hang back in the hive.

Frame and Hang Tips

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from the wire, especially when you twist it.
  • Maintain even twist and tension on the wire throughout the wiring process
  • Avoid over-tightening the wire, as it can damage the frames
  • Ensure the wire is embedded slightly into the wood frames for a secure hold


Extra thin, 26 gauge (.478 mm) steel tinned wire is the support your frames need.

Use Eyelets in the side bars to prevent wire from gouging the wood.

Our Spur Embedder tool is used to push the wire into the wax foundation.


  • 5.10 inches
  • 5.40 LBS


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    This is fine wire

    by Philemon Riehl on Apr 02, 2022

    I wired my first frames and was impressed