9 1/8" Deep Unassembled Frames - Groove Top and Groove Bottom without Holes in Endbars - 100 Pack


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✔ Superior Frames - We have designed a strong, superior frame that cannot be beat! Choose either Groove or Wedge top bar to suit your foundation needs.

✔ Compatible - Our frames fit standard foundation and the outside dimensions work with all uncappers. 

✔ Fewer Blowouts - The bottom bars are a full 1/2" (1.27 cm) 33% thicker than the competition and are subject to less burr comb and fewer blowouts when extracting.

  • High precision cuts and milling
  • Unparalleled fit!
  • Use 9 5/8" Hive Bodies and 8 1/2" Foundation. Groove Top Bars are best for Rite-Cell Foundation.
  • Nails not included. 
    • Use 1 1/4" Nails (Item HD220) to attach top and bottom bars to endbar.
    • Use 3/4" Nails (Item HD245) to attach bottom bars to end bars or under the frame ear going from the endbar into the top bar. 


  • 8.70 x 19.10 x 22.10 inches
  • 41.60 LBS


  • 5

    Great in every way

    by KARL MILNER on May 02, 2022

    Very clean wood, exact cuts, tight fitting joints. A dab of glue, a staple, and BAM there is a tight square frame. 100 frames assembled in 3 hours. Thank you Mann Lake for a great product and the huge savings, even much more than Amazon.

  • 5

    9-1/8 deep unassembled frames

    by James Szabo on Apr 19, 2022

    Excellent workmanship no troubles. I assembled 100 of these frames in about 4 hours. First time for me assembling, I got better as I went along.

  • 5

    9 1/8" (23.18 cm) Unassembled Frames - Groove Top & Bottom - 100 Pack

    by Alfred Witt on Mar 06, 2022

    WOW, so impressed with Mann Lake customer service! This was my original review: "Very disappointed! I have ordered these several times in the past and was pleased, but this time the frames were sub standard! Ends cut short and broken, frames warped to the extent they were unusable. Overall quality was poor!" The next day after giving this review I was contacted by Jenna Prososki, Customer Service Manager, concerned about the quality of the product I had received and that it was not up to their standards. She asked if I would send pictures and I did. After reviewing the pics, she concluded the product was in fact not up to their standards and immediately sent a replacement. After receiving the replacement, I inspected the product and am glad to say that this is the quality I am used to receiving from Mann Lake. Thank you Jenna and all the people at Mann Lake!