Metal Frame Savers

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Repair broken ears on your frames with our proprietary 20 gauge galvanized steel frame savers. Place frame saver over broken or cracked ear, nail into the frame, and your frame is as good as new. Frame Saver nails included.

Buy with peace of mind, backed by the Mann Lake quality guarantee. You can get these in a 10-pack or even a 500-pack if you need to repair broken ears in bulk. If you have any special requirements or customization requests, talk to our friendly customer service team.

Frame Savers for Your Beehive Frames

These frame savers are designed to repair broken or cracked ears on your beekeeping frames easily and efficiently. Made from durable galvanized steel, our frame savers ensure long-term longevity and stability once nailed into the frame.

Our frame savers come with nails included, simplifying the repair process. By placing a frame saver over a broken or cracked ear, you can quickly restore the integrity of your frames without the need for costly replacements.

These frame savers are ideal for maintaining the structure and functionality of your beekeeping frames. Frame savers are an essential tool for any beekeeper facing the common issue of wear and tear.

Salvage Old and Broken Frames

Enhance the lifespan of beekeeping equipment with galvanized steel frame savers, perfectly suited for salvaging old and broken frames.

When we have a cracked ear or rotting frames, these frame savers provide a timely solution, allowing you to simply nail the frame saver directly over the damaged area. These frame fixers have been a huge help to us and will be to you as well.

With frame saver nails included, these frame fixers provide a secure and lasting repair. For frames full of brood or honey, we don’t have to deal with a broken frame or possibly losing an entire brood.

Use these frame savers to maintain your frames securely in their hives. You can even use these galvanized steel frame saver pieces on new Nuc colonies to prevent any unfortunate accidents.

Simply place frame saver over the broken ear and nail it into the frame to complete the repair.


  • 4.60 inches
  • 30.00 LBS