Ultimate Hive Stand with Frame Perch


Product Details


Raises your hive 12" (30.48 cm) off the ground, a great working height! Technopolymer construction will not rust or rot! Frame holder is included! Design allows rainwater to drain keeping hive dry! Assembles with a flat head and cross-head screwdriver Tips: Make sure to attach hive bottom board to the base with security screws. Add sand to uprights for more stability.


  • 8.10 inches
  • 9.60 LBS


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    Stand works well as a stand…

    by Carol Loeppert on Jun 15, 2023

    There was a plastic stand that preceded this one… it worked beautifully. Then I bought this one. The shape is more awkward to use and I do not want the frame perch. It is not stable enough for my taste. The biggest problem is, after a few years, this stand has a major crack across one side going down into a leg. I need to replace it… I am concerned that, with the weight of full honey boxes, the hive will crack through and collapse. This was not as durable as I would choose to have again.