10 Frame Entrance Reducer

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The Beehive Entrance Reducer fits snugly in the opening between the bottom board and your first brood chamber to control the size of the entrance to the hive. This entrance reducer is compatible with 10 Frame equipment only.

Entrance reducers act like security; they ensure the bees aren’t overcrowding each other and creating chaos in the hive. Entrance reducers are typically installed before winter, to reduce drafts in hives, and even protect your honey bees from pests and thieves.

As a beekeeper, it’s your responsibility to care for the overall health and happiness of your bees. Entrance reducers help manage the hive and offer bees a consistent location where they can come and go. If your hive is small or weak, an entrance reducer can help with population growth and nurture the existing bees.

Our solid wood high-quality reducer fits 10 frame hives and is a solid tool that any beekeeper and hive can benefit from having on hand. Whether you use it to help nurture your growing hive, keep pests out, or simply manage a crowded hive from becoming too chaotic, the entrance reducers from Mann Lake are ideal for any type of beekeeping.


  • 0.90 x 1.00 x 14.60 inches
  • 0.10 LBS


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    Entrance reducer

    by Bobby Howington on Oct 30, 2023

    Good value exact size

  • 5

    10 Frame entrance reducer

    by William Nickles on May 04, 2022

    Very well built.