Queen Rearing Frame

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Rearing your own queens? A sturdy cell bar frame is a must-have piece of equipment for queen-rearing! Our 9-1/8" queen-rearing frame comes completely assembled for your convenience. Mann Lake ensures that beekeepers of all skill levels can start queen-rearing with our assortment of supplies and equipment.

Assembled Queen-Rearing Frame

This queen-rearing frame from Mann Lake is designed to hold two JZ-BZ cell bars (QC325) or two wood cell bars (QC102) for successful rearing. The two wood cell bars sit securely within the sides of the queen-rearing frame, ensuring the cells stay safe.

The Importance of Queen-Rearing for Successful Colonies

Should something happen to your existing queen, having backup queen bees is essential so the hive can continue as normal. This is why queen-rearing is important. Whether you’re raising queens yourself or are purchasing them from a retailer, having easy access to a new queen should you need it is critical for the survival of your colony.

Our queen-rearing frame keeps the queen cells nestled safely in the cell bars within the colony as they grow. Check out our complete queen-rearing kit to ensure your colony has everything it needs to survive and thrive with a new queen.


  • 9.13 x 10.30 x 17.75 inches
  • 0.48 LBS