Swarm Commander Spray Lure

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With the Swarm Commander Spray Lure, you can bring in a new honey bee swarm or expand your existing colonies with ease. Remove the complexity and guesswork associated with swarm luring with this all-natural and long-lasting spray.

Effortless Swarm Attraction

The Swarm Commander Spray Lure is an all-natural product, containing a blend of oils that are similar to the pheromone “Nasonov.” This natural pheromone is known for being able to lure honeybee swarms to your bait hive or swarm trap.

The blend of natural oils in this spray makes it completely safe for bees. Its effectiveness and safety make it the perfect product for both new and experienced beekeepers.

Up to 100 Sprays Per Bottle

The Swarm Commander Spray Lure gives you up to 100 sprays per bottle. This ensures you can bait your hives for up to two weeks using the premium swarm lure in the hive and on the landing board.

To attract swarms, spray the swarm lure two or three times directly onto the inner cover or telescoping cover. Spray twice on the bottom board too.

Repeat this process weekly or as needed for an efficient and long-lasting swarm lure in your hives. But be careful not to over-spray with the bottle. Too much of the product can repel bees and stop them from entering the swarm trap.

Effectiveness and Safety

The Swarm Commander is an effective and safe swarm lure because of its all-natural blend of oils. Thanks to its capacity and size, it’s also an efficient and long-lasting solution for those starting or growing new colonies. Experience this unique combination of key features at Mann Lake.


  • 1.30 x 1.40 x 4.80 inches
  • 0.20 LBS